Equestrian sport is the most dangerous discipline

Any discipline is an increased risk of injury equestrian sport is no exception. It will not be possible to absolutely avoid failures, because not one sporting achievement is given on the first try. For yourself, you can choose a suitable discipline from a huge list. Show jumping is considered the most dangerous and spectacular.

Equestrian disciplines are not included in the top 10 ranking of deadly sports. He is not even close to skydiving, rock climbing, etc. If you’ve never ridden a horse, don’t be scared. Beginners are offered a lot of classes and horse rental. Made with the intent to understand whether you need this discipline or not.

Riding lessons are held with the aim of learning how to basicly control an horse and sit in a saddle.

The first lesson always takes place on a lunge with a docile and calm horse. In the case of training with a professional and adhering to safety rules, equestrian sports become safer than any sport. You will get much more pleasure and a sea of positive emotions.

After all, any contact with an animal brings a person the pleasure of soul and body. If a person is afraid of heights, such a discipline as dressage is suitable. People are more reckless and risky choose show jumping.

Equestrian sport is expensive

This is one of the most costly and elite sports. It takes its place of honor in the ranking where such an elite as golf, tennis, sailing is equated.

Let’s dispel a little myth about expensive pleasure. The cost of one lesson for an amateur in Europe costs from 30 euros. The price depends on the rating and equipment of the club. The price is not so high, because 5 lessons are required per month.

For discipline you will need a helmet, breeches, boots with leggings. Yes, the equipment is not cheap and will cost more than 1000 euros if the equipment is branded.

Let’s dispel this myth. For beginners, you can get by with high sneakers or mapogs without zippers and decor, so as not to injure the animal. The horse can be safely rented for a month or more. A helmet in the classroom is issued by an instructor in the club for free, and breeches are an economy option.

Quite famous people are engaged in branded clothes, such as the daughter of Bill Gates, the Queen of Britain, pop singer Madonna. Only persons of status allow such a luxury.

There are situations with a very sad situation when a teenager dreams of horse racing, but the parents do not have money for this. There are public schools where you need to be selected among competitors, and tuition prices are the lowest.

Not having a full material opportunity, the main thing is to have a desire. A good option to become a volunteer and help on a farm, get a job on a farm with the opportunity to ride.
Therefore, the information that horse racing is expensive is a myth. If you think carefully, then you can do it for free.

Equestrian Distortion Legs

The stereotype is especially feared by girls, so most jockeys are men. And this is also a sif, because it is unrealistic to spoil the naturally beautiful legs. In England, doctors recommend horseback riding, in view of the positive dynamics with the respiratory tract, improved digestion, and calms the nervous system.

For people who have back problems, horseback riding is helpful. Equestrian disciplines are recommended even by psychologists to people with low self-esteem. Sitting in the saddle, a person has already crossed the line of his fear and brings up courage and determination.

Sex and age in riding

In equestrian sport, as in love, all ages are submissive. A striking example is the Japanese rider Hiroshi Hoketsu with horse, he took part in the 2012 Olympics at the age of 71. The participant of advanced age and the winner of the Olympic Games in Rio was the Englishman Nix Kelton at the age of 57 years.

Children are recommended to be given at the age of 12 years. Some children are still engaged in the field. Scientists have proven that a woman is able to establish closer contact with horses than men.