As a result of further High Court legal action threatened by Solicitors acting for Carol Cooper and Tolga Falahat, arising out of the entirely valid termination of their memberships, Council has decided that it would be an inappropriate spend of the Associations resources to fund a defence to these proceedings. 

Although Council has been advised that any defence of such proceedings would be successful, as is usual in legal proceedings, the Association would only recover approximately 70% of its costs. 

Council therefore reluctantly decided that the Association should cease trading on 21st May 2020.  It has now transferred the business and undertaking of Ponies Association (UK) to a new company formed for this purpose called ‘UK Ponies & Horses Limited’ on the 31st May 2020.

UK Ponies & Horses Limited has similar Objects to Ponies Association (UK).  It is also a Company Limited by guarantee, and its Articles provide that the present Council members of Ponies Association (UK) will automatically become the Council members of UK Ponies & Horses Limited.  Also, all classes of Members of Ponies Association (UK) will automatically hold the same class of membership in UK Ponies & Horses Limited, for the remainder of the membership year.

Finally, UK Ponies & Horses Limited has adopted the same Rule Book as Ponies Association (UK).

Needless to say, Carol Cooper & Tolga Falahat will not be admitted as members of UK Ponies & Horses Limited. The aim is to make the transition as seamless as posssible, and most members should experience very little change.  If any member has any queries then please contact the Admin by email.