AGM Update

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Following on from our monthly Board meeting on the 18th October, concerns were raised, that a minority of our loyal Members may be planning on attending the advertised EGM on Saturday 26th October believing it to be legitimate. Thus we felt that it was entirely appropriate to share with our Members the process of triggering an EGM in law and according to the Association Memorandum and Articles of Association.

A minimum of 5% of the voting membership of the Association have to write to the Board and formally request the holding of an EGM. To date only 1% of voting members have requested this and therefore this meeting is NOT a Ponies Association (UK) EGM.

The Ponies Association (UK) logo has been used unlawfully to brand this event as authentic. The Board are aware that Members may be wasting their time and money attending a meeting which they believe is in support of the Association. Furthermore the board has informed this group on several occasions of this information; however they are intent upon ignoring our advice and continuing.

We hope that as Members you feel that we have kept you informed throughout and as always the office is available to discuss any queries you may have.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our AGM on Thursday 14th November 2019.